Abundance Farming Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit,  provides a unique water harvesting technology to  NGOs serving smallholder farmers.
Zeba increases crop yields in places where water is scarce.

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AFI offsets the impact of water scarcity so poor  farming families that depend on rainfallgrow their way out of poverty.

800 million rural poor live in areas of physical water scarcity and depend on sarce rainfall to grow      the food they eat.

AFI Vision, Mission and Strategy

A world where subsistence farmers, facing water scarcity,
grow their way out of poverty.

Stretch scarce resources with green technical solutions.

Bring the best technical solution where it is most needed: Distribute Zeba™ biodegradable superabsorbent to subsistence farmers in Africa, India and the Americas, through non-profits and NGOs serving smallholder farming families in those regions.

Abundance Farming Inc a 501c3 non-profit org with date of exemption July 30,2009.