Preventing Algal Blooms in Ponds and Lakes

When it comes to farming, it’s important to remember some of the after effects or results of farming. A big issue of late is the algal blooms in places like Lake Erie, some rivers and smaller lakes as well (like Grand Lake Saint Marys in west-central Ohio).

With the runoff of agricultural fertilizers like phosphorus into tributaries, it also increases the amount of food available to organisms in these water sources. This can often lead to algal blooms or other issues.

One of the ways to combat this is to make sure that these bodies of water are getting sufficient aeration. The best bet is bottom up aeration with a diffuser at the bottom of the lake or pond. Windmill aeration is great, as the cost is fairly low overall because it’s powered by free wind energy.

Aeration will clear up the stratification of the water and make oxygen available at all levels. This will greatly reduce the ability of algae to produce an create a bloom.

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