About Us

AFP Board of Directors

Keith Polo is AF Inc Director at Large for Agriculture.  Keith brings 15 years of international agricultural development experience with a variety of non-profit and private sector organizations.  For the past 7 years, he has worked with Mercy Corps and is currently their Director of Agricultural Development in which capacity he designs, fundraises, advises, and directs over 75 projects in 25 countries that touch over 1 million farmers.  Keith’s passions relate to helping smallholder farmers and their communities grow their way out of poverty and to develop more sustainable food and farming systems.  Keith has a M.S. in Agronomy with a focus on International Agricultural Development from the University of Illinois.  He is based with his family outside of Florence, Italy where he is developing a small niche-market olive oil farm

Lou Jaffe is AF Inc. Board Treasurer (and acting Secretary) and is based in Portland, Oregon. Lou brings  over 30 years of financial and business leadership experience in the retail print and online catalog industry as well experience in banking and finance. He is the GM of expresscopy.com, a division of infoGroup, Inc., and has been the CFO Salesgenie.com, a division of infoGroup, Inc., Norm Thompson, and Gifts.com (a subsidiary of Readers Digest). He has held Vice President Positions with ShoreBank Pacific and EthicsPoint, Inc. Lou’s wide ranging experience includes executing multiple private placement offerings, driving the private sale of two companies, building financial and business process systems for start-ups, and serving as a commercial banker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Oregon.

Frank MacMurray is AF Inc Board Secretary.  Based in Portland Oregon, Frank brings many years of legal experience following a long career as an Oregon attorney. Education: Princeton University, BA, University of Virginia, LLB.  Significant Work Experience: Peace Corps Volunteer, Chile, 1969-1971, Member of Oregon State Bar since 1972, currently retired and inactive, Private Law Practice: 1972 to 2009, Active in formation and current President of Wilderness Volunteers, Inc., a successful 501c3., Legal adviser to Pacific Crest Outward Bound School

Paul Osterlund is AF Inc President/CEO. Paul is based in Portland, Oregon.  He founded AFP following his retirement from IntelCorporation after 23 years in design and engineering roles. Paul was a small investor in Absorbent Technologies Inc, the developer and manufacturer of Zeba. Paul proposed the idea for Abundance Farmingin late ’07.  Absorbent Technologies supports Abundance Farming Project goals & objectives; the company provides technical expertiseand distributor pricing to Abundance Farming Inc.

AFP Advisory Board

Peter B. Johnson PhD is advisor for Agricultural Technologies. Peter is a farmer in Peoria, Illinois and the retired Director of the USDA lab where the original starch-based superabsorbent technology was developed, that 30+ years later became Zeba. Peter is the founder of iNovaCom Partners, a company dedicated to developing business strategies based on technology innovations.

Gary Olson is advisor for Zeba Horticulture.  Gary was the past V.P.V.P. of Sales for Absorbent Technologies Inc. the producer of Zeba.  Gary is a Horticulturalist and an expert with Zeba, who brings nearly 30 years of experience in agricultural sales and technology.

Jody Peake is advisor for Marketing and Networking. Jody is CEO of ‘OnPR’ a boutique PR firm with offices in Portland, Seattle and Munich, helping U.S. and international technology firms create awareness and demand using traditional and emerging media.

Aaron Beverly is advisor for Communication Technologies. Aaron is a Principle Partner with eLaunched.com, a creative and successful web services company with offices in Portland and Tallahassee, Florida, serving clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Andres Recalde is advisor for International Development in South America. A natitive Peruvian who operates in five languages, Andres is an international consultant with over 15 years of development and field experience including work in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Andres recently completed and assignment with the Inter-American development Bank to expand their social entrepreneurship in South America.

Amy Pearl is advisor for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Amy is Founder and Executive Director of Springboard Innovation, a unique nonprofit, that develops innovative and sustainable social entrepreneurs, who build more equitable, innovative, and capable societies worldwide.

Executive Introduction

“Leading publications around the world, including the Economist, the New York Times and the BBC, are increasingly recognizing a global food crisis.  At a time when growing numbers of the world’s most
vulnerable citizens are facing food shortage, food riots and economic crisis, Abundance Farming Project offers a remedy. The Project promises to address one of the most persistent problems for
subsistence farmers. It will help increase crop production for farmers whose food supply and economic well-being depend on unreliable and scarce rainfall. The concept for the Abundance Farming Project was envisioned by Paul Osterlund.

“During the twenty years I have known Paul, he has shown the personal characteristics that make me confident that Abundance Farming Project will be a successful endeavor. As a technologist and evangelist during his long career at Intel – and in his private life – he has demonstrated the very qualities required for a positive outcome.

“I know Paul has a good part of the right solution for the problem of world hunger. I also know that Paul is the right leader to bring his vision to fruition. I am very optimistic about the concept and the implementation of Abundance Farming Project. I look forward to a future when subsistence farmers are finally able to feed their families and improve their financial position.”

Jody Peake, CEO, OnPR

AFP History

    • 1970s USDA starch-based superabsorbent technology breakthrough, said to be the savior of agriculture, but couldn’t produce any usable form.
  • 2003 Absorbent Technologies Inc. (ATI) chemists introduce complex copolymer granule, Zeba™, after 7 years working with USDA
    lead researcher.  To recover investment, ATI sales focus is on agribusiness.
  • ‘07 idea for AFP Social Venture – provide solution for rain-fed farming; use Zeba to grab rainwater when available and store it near the plant roots.
  • ‘07 UN Water Survey “Countries need to integrate rainwater fully into their strategies to cope with water scarcity”.
  • ‘08 Abundance Farming Project officially launched as a social enterprise.
  • ‘08 AFP invited to UN/FAO & CIP-International Potato Center conference working with IYP on solutions for the 2015
    Millennium Development Goals.
  • ‘‘08 Evaluations planted in global south, by CIP with potatoes and Smallholders Foundation with yams and cassavas, in rain fed farming conditions.
  • ’09 Abundance Farming Project established as non-profit organization in Oregon, USA.
  • ’09 Zeba evaluations include Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, India and China.
  • ’09 AFP listed on theChangeXchange.org to provide seed funding.
  • ’10 Abundance Farming Inc is granted 501c3 tax exempt status with effective date of exemption of July 30, 2009
  • ’10 Zeba evaluations include Peru, Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and India.
  • ’11 Work ADEPA in Niger has great results in draught conditions – showing 110% increase in millet, 245% increase in groundnut, and 306% increase in cowpea using Zeba and fertilizer together.