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AFP poster presented UN/FAO-CIP Conference

“Potato Science For the Poor – 
                     Challenges for the New Millennia”

A Working Conference
to Celebrate the International Year of the Potato

In Cuzco, Peru, 25-28 March 2008

Official hosts: 

The International Potato Center (CIP)
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

“2008 is the UN International Year of the Potato (IYP). The potato
is the most important root and tuber crop in the world and the third most important food crop in the world. The Andean region is the center of domestication and diversity of the potato. CIP holds the largest collection of potato biodiversity in the world, in-trust in its gene banks, and has developed research to utilize the potato to contribute to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG), especially food security and poverty alleviation.”

CIP ‘International Potato Center’ is one of the
CGIAR Organizations based in Lima, Peru

Outcomes from UN/FAO-CIP Conference:

AFP proposed that biodegradable superabsorbents
be included in UN-FAO International Year of the Potato protocols for developing countries.