The Product: Zeba(TM)

A unique water harvesting technology – the only starch-based biodegradable superabsorbent soil amendment product

Zeba superabsorbent granules mix with the soil and work by absorbing 500 times their mass in water, so when it rains they store water, then between rains, slowly release 95% of the water. Continuing for a year and more, each hydration cycle stores then releases water and soluble nutrients as the plant needs it.  The granules ultimately biodegrade, feeding micro-organisms in the soil.  With basic rain-fed farming, this unique starch-based product offers a way for food crops to survive intermittnet rain fall and increase crop yields, so subsistence farmers facing water scarcity grow their way out of poverty.

1 teaspoon mixed in the soil around the plant, absorbs 1 liter of water when it rains…

Then slowly releases 95% of the water between rains…

Over & over for a year or more…

Then it degrades to feed the micro-organisms in the soil

Starch-Based, Biodegradable  Soil Amendment Product
The first and only starch-based superabsorbent
soil amendment.
Absorbs 500 times its mass in water, then releases the water as needed.
Biodegradable, Non-toxic and safe.
Repeats hydration cycles delivering water and soluble nutrients for a year or more.